The Card: A Story of Adventure in the Five Towns

The Card A Story of Adventure in the Five Towns Enoch Arnold Bennett was a British novelist His most famous works are the Clayhanger trilogy The Card and The Old Wives Tale These books draw on his experience of life in the Potteries as did most o

  • Title: The Card: A Story of Adventure in the Five Towns
  • Author: Arnold Bennett
  • ISBN: 9780140180176
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • Enoch Arnold Bennett was a British novelist.His most famous works are the Clayhanger trilogy, The Card and The Old Wives Tale These books draw on his experience of life in the Potteries, as did most of his best work The Card is a short comedic novel written by Arnold Bennett in 1911 It was later made into a 1952 movie starring Alec Guinness and Petula Clark It chronicEnoch Arnold Bennett was a British novelist.His most famous works are the Clayhanger trilogy, The Card and The Old Wives Tale These books draw on his experience of life in the Potteries, as did most of his best work The Card is a short comedic novel written by Arnold Bennett in 1911 It was later made into a 1952 movie starring Alec Guinness and Petula Clark It chronicles the rise of Edward Henry Denry Machin from washerwoman s son to Mayor of Bursley a fictitious town based on Burslem.

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    1. Arnold Bennett

      Enoch Arnold Bennett always known as Arnold Bennett was one of the most remarkable literary figures of his time, a product of the English Potteries that he made famous as the Five Towns Yet he could hardly wait to escape his home town, and he did so by the sheer force of his ambition to succeed as an author In his time he turned his hand to every kind of writing, but he will be remembered for such novels as The Old Wives Tale, the Clayhanger trilogy Clayhanger, Hilda Lessways, and These Twain , and The Card He also wrote such intriguing self improvement books as Literary Taste, How To Live on 24 Hours a Day, The Human Machine, etc.

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    1. I’ve been meaning to get round to reading Bennett for some time, and picking up this rather slim comic novel cheap at my favourite second hand bookshop gave me the impetus required. I’ve noted that Cecily, one of my GR friends is a fan; so it’s about time I started to fill the gap. It is set in the Potteries; the five towns in Staffordshire renowned for producing china, porcelain and pottery (obviously). It concerns the career of Edward Henry Machin (known as Denry); “the card” of the [...]

    2. 4 1/2 starsThe only way to describe this is 'Great Fun!'. Edward Henry Machin, or 'Denry' as his mother calls him, is what we modern day people would recognise as a born entrepreneur. He's extraordinarily gifted at seeing an opportunity and having the courage to go after it. He's born far down the social scale, the only child of a widowed washerwoman, but he's not about to let that stop him. If he wasn't born into a fortune then he'll have to make his own. And with a bit of daring, a dash of che [...]

    3. 24 MAY 2017 - free download here: gutenberg/ebooks/1298628 MAY 2017 - an very enjoyable read. Denry is the sort of character we all know - that one guy for whom everything works. And, for whom you never have a hard feeling or a jealous pang. Denry could walk through a sandstorm and come out sparkling clean.

    4. It's quite funny, but it's also somewhat repetitive at times. There are surely way too many details on how he makes money and the overall industry of it.It's one of those books which you love in one chapter and highly despise in the next for wasting your time. The funniest and more brilliant chapters would probably be "I. THE DANCE, VIII. RAISING A WIGWAM, XI THE ALPS" while I got tremendously bored at "V. THE MERCANTILE MARINE, IX. THE GREAT NEWSPAPER WAR".Of course there are plenty of silly co [...]

    5. Added 12/30/11.Did not read book. Streamed (via Netflix) the movie adaptation.It's a British comedy with Alec Guinness and Glynis Johns. It was fun to watch. Alec Guinness was so young thenviesflix/WiMovie/Thedb/title/tt0045056/"A charming and ambitious young man finds many ways to raise himself through the ranks in business and social standing- some honest, some not quite so. If he can just manage to avoid a certain very predatory woman."Petula Clark was also in "The Card". She was younger then [...]

    6. Ferris Buehler, in England, about 1900 - that's Denry Machin, the eponymous "card." It's a light "read" (I did this one as an audio book, see below), with a great, great main character in Denry Machin.These chapters wouldn't quite work as independent stories, but they are very episodic - without bothering to do any research, I'm going to guess they were serialized somewhere first.There's a free audio version of this with a superb reader (Andy Minter) at archive/details/the_ca - at times, you can [...]

    7. The tale of Denry Machin, as told by novelist Arnold Bennett in The Card (Methuen, 1911), is a lark, a droll comedy, a jovial adventure in business and life success - a literary "Horatio Alger" story. Bennett tells his story in short chapters, and the book as a whole is not long. It is consistently light-hearted, often witty, with short comments of a comedic nature concluding most chapters as well as interspersed throughout. His central character is someone who often spontaneously and sometimes [...]

    8. What a delight. One of the funniest novels I have read. The main character is so perfectly drawn, and so thoroughly likeable. He's summed up in the final line of the novel: some pompous worthy asks what Denry Machin has done to be so popular, and is answered, 'He's identified with the great cause ofring us all up'.It's beautifully written in the manner of good craftsmen of the last century - you don't notice Bennett's style because it is so right. I wouldn't change a word of this. It's a short b [...]

    9. Loved it! Gentle social satire in the style of Mr. Polly and Mr. Pooter. Some unforgettable incidents: waving a carrot at the 'donkey' Sir Jee, and some unforgettable lines: 'I collect rents''I should have thought you'd prefer postage stamps' really do make Denry a hero for '.ring us all up'. A good 'old-fashioned' read.

    10. One of the lesser known books, I suspect, by Arnold Bennett, but undeservedly so. Denry Machin is one of those characters whose name should enter the language as a 'type', like Walter Mitty or Billy Liar. His social progress goes at breakneck speed in a series of unbelievable scrapes and strokes of luck. Denry is the epitome of the 'likeable rogue'.

    11. Fun to read, light, humorous, and definitely belongs to the Victorian period. Gives quite a good idea of life in northern England at that time. Andy Minter is a wonderful storyteller (Librivox). In fact I chose the book because he reads it!

    12. He leído este libro como primer acercamiento a la figura de Arnold Bennett para una entrada que se va a hacer el próximo 27 de marzo para reivindicar la figura de este autor.Antes de apuntarme a dicha iniciativa ni siquiera sabía de la existencia de este escritor y me decidí después de hacer una lectura somera sobre el autor, la época en la que había escrito y repasar un poco algunas referencias a sus obras.Desde un principio me sentí atraída por su persona y antes de sumergirme más en [...]

    13. "At two o'clock she had been a name to him. At five minutes past two he was in love with her."Arnold Bennett is proof that you don't have to have secret agents, vampires, et al to create an exciting story sometimes all you need is good and interesting characters to care about with flaws like we all have. It had me gripped I wanted to know about Edward Henry 'Denry' Machin an ambitious opportunist - a man practised in the art of taking advantage of the main chance. I wasn't at all sure that I lik [...]

    14. Oxford Level 311/26 30 minutes 11/27 60 minutessuccessful problem lucky chance ball rent dance When you meet the big problem what will you do? I will make a effort and sometime ask the my friends help. I believe that I can get confidence after the problem. Main person is Denry. He solved the problem trickyBut author explain the his personality positivelyTanks to the cheat he could get the chance and had been well. He was seen stupid But He has activity and didn’t shame his act and idea. I thou [...]

    15. Very enjoyable comic novel by Arnold Bennett concerning the irresistible rise of Denry Machin, who goes from office boy to town mayor by a mixture of endeavour, ambition and an eye for the main chance. Some very funny episodes and a surprising romantic conclusion make for a delightful read. Memorable scenes abound, from Denry's first act of "creativity" which gets him an invite to the prestigious ball of the young Duchess of the parish, how he wins a £5 bet there, how he tricks his mother into [...]

    16. PENGUIN READERS, level 3-time: 80 minutes-7 words summary: Denry, young, poor, money, card, funny, happy:1. In this story, a woman tried to escape from Denry because she could not pay a rent. If you were in her place, would you try to escape?-No. She said that she could pay a rent to him at first, but she didn't have money, so if I were in her place, I would tell him that I could not pay one.2. In this story, Denry became a famous person because he made all people laugh. Do you think you have a [...]

    17. Ok, coming from Stoke on Trent, as I do, I'm biased! This is a wonderful enjoyable read. Escapism back to the early 1900's in the Potteries towns of North Staffordshire. How can an author who was writing stories over one hundred years ago hold my interest and make me laugh. Arnold Bennett does! Bennett paints the picture of what life was like back then and weaves a wonderful, captivating, exciting tale which makes you so pleased to have read it. The difficulties he must have experienced in pulli [...]

    18. رواية خفيفة جداً و لطيفة ، كانت كفسحة بين الكتب التي اريد قرائتها ، أملك نسخة ورقها أصفر تعود الى اكثر من عقدين مضت ، اسمها فيه العاشق الظريف ! و عندما بحثت عن الاسم لم اجد رواية لأرنولد بينيت بهذا الأسم ، لكن بعد بحث فضولي قليلاً علمت ان النسخة الأنكليزية للرواية اسمها THE CARD ، [...]

    19. This was a pleasantly diverting quick read after the marathon that was "Journey to the West." This is a showcase of gentle humor masking sharp social satire, or perhaps a gentle lambasting of the general foibles of people while celebrating the life of a man who achieves success and happiness through pluck and creativity. Especially enjoyable were the occasional clever and sometimes non-sensical quips such as:"He knew when to let well alone, a knowledge which is more precious than a knowledge of [...]

    20. 1. oxford 3 rating . 2. 12/13 50minutes, 12/15 30minutes3. Denny, law, ball, old women, good,battle, football, w 4. I like the book's men because he is kind.5. The book's story is about a men. He is not intelligent, but he is very clam. He works at law office, but he is expelled. One day he make a good. He is very kind for the poor people, so he is popular among the people and he is said "The card". I cannot understand the mean of the card. After finishing reading the book, I can know that It me [...]

    21. A light and entertaining book. Edward Henry ("Denry") Machin is an audacious man who manages to work his way up the financial and social ladder through a combination of cleverness, guile and luck. Structured as a series of interconnected episodes which are all very light in tone, till towards the end when he gets politically involved & the pace slows slightly. If you can't find the novel the film ("The Card" in the UK and "The Promoter" in the US) is excellent and contains the best material [...]

    22. 1.5/18 50m, 5/20 50m2.OXFORD Level33ney,rent,pound,tax,Denry,Ruth,card4.When Denry went to the party, he could dance with beautiful woman and make her laughed. After that he became a famous man in the town. It's very interesting!5.Denry really liked money, so when he met bad situation he made it changed business. He was really clever, so I was excited to read and imagine what he will do next.

    23. I collected all I could find of Arnold Bennett during the '80s. I just had to give them all away, along with my Trollope and Virago Classics. If you patronise "More than Words" in Waltham MA maybe you can buy some of them.Bennett is underappreciated in my estimationwonder if he'll experience a renaissance in my lifetime - such as the one Trollope is currently undergoingwhen's his bicentenary?

    24. Five minus perhaps, rather than straight five, but a great read. I'd read it as a teenager and didn't expect it to stand up now, but it did. Telling of a scamp and entrepreneur whose business acumen and cheek help him to success in the Five Towns, the book should have turned us against the hero; such men are 'not nice' but Bennett paints Denry Machen so affectionately that we watch with an indulgent smile.

    25. Pleasantly surprised by this one. I started it years ago then stopped (not out of boredom but I was distracted by another book). Yet one rainy day on a whim, I started it again. I was not disappointing. There is a lovely charm to this tale. Subtle but cunning humor, quaint mini-ventures in each episodelaxing but not boring. Perfect for a cup of tea.

    26. I love Andy Minter as a reader - and he brought this book to life for me. It's a funny character study. There's a public domain audiobook version available here from LibriVox.

    27. Enjoyed reading by chapters. It's really a collection of stories, like a serialized novel. Again, Bennett spends a lot of time describing people and places. It's tremendously enlightening, if you're interested in history.

    28. Very good old-school writing. Filmed as The Card, with Alec Guiness as Denry. Nice dialect too, especially if you hail from the Five Towns.

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