Eve Green

Eve Green Pregnant with her first child Eve Green recalls her mother s death when she was eight years old and her struggle to make sense of her parents mysterious romantic past Eve is sent to live with her gra

  • Title: Eve Green
  • Author: SusanFletcher
  • ISBN: 9780393327984
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pregnant with her first child, Eve Green recalls her mother s death when she was eight years old and her struggle to make sense of her parents mysterious romantic past Eve is sent to live with her grandparents in rural Wales, where she finds comfort in friendships with Daniel, a quiet farmhand, and Billy, a disabled, reclusive friend of her mother s When a ravishing locPregnant with her first child, Eve Green recalls her mother s death when she was eight years old and her struggle to make sense of her parents mysterious romantic past Eve is sent to live with her grandparents in rural Wales, where she finds comfort in friendships with Daniel, a quiet farmhand, and Billy, a disabled, reclusive friend of her mother s When a ravishing local girl disappears, one of Eve s friends comes under suspicion Eve will do everything she can to protect him, but at the risk of complicity in a matter she barely understands This is a timeless and beautifully told story about family secrets and unresolved liaisons.

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Susan Fletcher is the author of Eve Green, which won the Whitbread Award for First Novel, Oystercatchers, and Corrag She lives in the United Kingdom.

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    1. What a gentle story, about love in all it's guises, a child's love for her mother, a grandparents love for a daughters child, the love that comes with friendship, young love Evangeline Green is a wonderful girl who suffers unimaginable grief at a young age. She has to endure some tough lessons about life, trust, feelings of guilt all in a small Welsh village where everyone knows who you are , where you come from even if you don't. Susan Fletcher is one of my favourite authors, her novel Witch l [...]

    2. I bought this book as a part of Harper Perennial Collection set. I didn’t even know I had it. When I came across the title on my spreadsheet which lists all the books that I own (out of which almost 400 are still unread) I couldn’t recall it all but it looked like the sort of lighter lyrical book one might take on holiday (if one is the sort of person who doesn’t take Fifty Shades of Grey on her holiday). On the surface it is full of the really basic ingredients: coming of age, mystery, se [...]

    3. Ive read a few of the previous reviews of this book and have to say that i disagree with their comments. I think that it is a beautifully written book that must be lauded for being a first time novel. The way the story moves so effortlessly from past to present, slowly unravelling its secrets kept me enthralled. It is a beguiling sad tale which i would recommend to anyone. Ive spent the last two days devouring it, while doing so neglecting to start a course essay that badly needs starting-ooops! [...]

    4. I think I don't like this rating system, but I guess you have to have something. Eve Green doesn't have the depth of character of Angle of Repose, for instance, nor the precise and beautiful language of Elegance of the Hedgehog. This book won the 2004 Whitbread Award for First Novel and deservedly so.Not a love story, it is a story of love. Not just a story of human love, but a story of the love of the land as well. I will never actually visit Wales. This book gives that country light and beauty [...]

    5. This will sound fanciful and a trifle foolish maybe, but Eve Green dug out all the lonely spots in my heart and turned them upside down for me.

    6. Evangeline is barely eight when her single mother dies, forcing a move from Birmingham to her grandparents’ farm in southwest Wales. She quickly forms an alliance with Daniel, her grandfather’s farmhand, sixteen years her senior, who will eventually become her romantic partner. The locals scorn the 16-year age difference between these two, but the greater creep factor resides in 24-year-old Daniel’s having hung out with the 8-year-old Eve and watched her grow over the years—very Woody-Al [...]

    7. As twenty-nine-year-old Eve Green prepares for the birth of her child, she thinks back on her own mother and, more specifically, on the confusing and emotional year after her mother's sudden death. At seven years old, Eve is sent to Wales to live with grandparents she barely knows, and even as she grieves for her mother, she yearns to find out more about her mysterious father. As she begins to uncover the family secrets, Eve becomes entangled in the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a loc [...]

    8. I could not put this one down! Spotted it on the library new books. This is a first novel and I look forward to many more. This one set in Wales is a story of a young girl who finds herself sent to live with her grandparents in Wales after the sudden death of her mother. She is thrust into a whole new life experience with people she has never met before. There is a mystery threaded through the book, the disappearance of another young girl. Interesting to see how she interacts with many different [...]

    9. I loved this book - lyrical, gentle writing that conjured up beautiful images of mid-Wales scenery. Sad at times, but also uplifting.

    10. When I first read this book, I was struggling with graduate school an ocean away from home, in a country I was trying desperately to make feel like home to stave off homesickness. Living on the Scottish coastline, this book and books like it (ie: I Capture The Castle) that paint dreary but cozy rural Britain were a perfect fit for me. This one was full of intensely descriptive prose, and so many passages just jumped out at me as feeling "perfect" and not many books seem to do that to me anymore. [...]

    11. Susan Fletcher's debut, Whitbread Award-winning novel Eve Green is a coming of age story. Eve is eight years old when her mother suddenly dies. She does not know her father and is taken to live with her grandparents in rural Wales. Eight-year-old Eve embarks on country adventures, begins secret friendships, and finds she has inherited the hate one of the town's men held for her father. The narrative unwinds with 28-year-old Eve, expecting her first child, reflecting on the year the prettiest gir [...]

    12. After 8-year-old Eve Green’s mother dies, she is sent to Wales to live with her grandparents whom she has never met. She experiences a calamitous year during which she uncovers secrets about her parents while also being tragically affected by the disappearance of a young girl. This year in her life is told in retrospective when Eve is 29 years old and trying to make sense of all that happened at that time.This is a beautiful novel filled with lyrical prose, vivid descriptions, and a compelling [...]

    13. Initially I expected this to be a simple coming of age type story set in a small village in Wales, but it's so much more!The story is told by Eve, the 29 yr old who is at the centre of the story and whilst the story is primarily her childhood tale, there are regular glimpses into her current life & situation. The touches of Welsh language added a level of authenticity and you really felt that the author knew every inch of the landscape that was so well described - you could almost smell the [...]

    14. Oystercatchers is better. I like second book of the Susan Fletcher than the first, well both are very much same in story but the second one was written betterStory is of single line, a pregnant woman recollecting her memories of the time she arrived to Wales after her mother's death. In her childhood, she made mistakes which has some result, some better some good but all and all she is a happy woman now. But i like the writing style which is juvenile and ripe full in next book.Read more here

    15. Like my friend Elizabeth, I would have like the option to give this 3.5 stars but I've rounded it up. It is a beautifully told coming of age tale through the eyes of an 7 year old girl who moves from Birmingham following the death of her mother, to live in rural Wales with her grandparents. Here she tries to find out more about her father, whom she never knew, and hangs on to any snippet of information about her mother.Evie's desperation to know who she is and why everyone seems to hate her fath [...]

    16. I found this book slowgoing early on. The prose felt overdone and the foreshadowing, if you can even call it that, felt clunky. The author seemed to struggle with adopting a non-linear mode of storytelling and though I thought the writing was ambitious, it never really swept me away.But about halfway through the book -- where the plot really kicked in, I suppose -- I began to appreciate her efforts more. I genuinely liked most of the characters, and there are some beautiful reflections on mother [...]

    17. This is more like a three and a half star from me. I was really looking forward to this book after loving the author's second book Oystercatchers, and I wasn't disappointed. There are a lot of issues tackled in this novel, which are pulled off with minimal effort and lots of lovely descriptive writing. Definitely a fan.Please see my full review at bibliobeth.wordpress

    18. This was a beautiful coming of age story. Which has a sweet understated love story running through. I found this book slightly slow going but I think that was down to me not having the time rather than the actual book. All the characters were wonderful. I truly do not have one bad thing to say about this book. Love the genre, the author and the characters. Definitely a good read.

    19. I really loved the descriptions of life in rural Wales and the story of Evie as a girl. I was less sure about the portrayal of Evie as an adult. Would perhaps have liked more information about her grown-up relationship with Daniel. Certainly worthy of a first novel award though.

    20. This is destined to become a literary classic. The portrayal of childhood and its fears is hauntingly accurate and the description is poetic.

    21. Une lecture toute douce, parfaite par ces temps-ci. Une merveille, toute douce, à lire au coin du feu radiateur, sous un plaid, avec un bon chocolat chaud.Evangeline, enceinte de huit mois, nous raconte son histoire, l’histoire de cette petite fille de huit ans, de père inconnu, qui perd sa maman et se voit confier à ses grands-parents qui vivent dans la campagne du Pays de Galles. Avec tendresse, cette petite fille de huit ans, nous livrera sa vision des choses de la vie, le décès de sa [...]

    22. This is a superbly crafted novel: a thing of beauty in which every word is polished. It is the sort of writing designed to inform and draw the reader in, rather than the sort that's just there to be showy. It's a gentle read, one that develops slowly, but there are still moments of excellent drama. My favourite part was the fight in the dinner hall, and most specifically the line "I managed to scoop up some cheese pie and push it into her hair" - I think it was the sheer superfluousness of it th [...]

    23. I enjoyed this book although there was a point in the first half of the book where I thought the narrative got a tad draggy. The story did pick up eventually though and when it did pick up, I found that I simply could not put the book down. I love the way Eve’s relationships with the people around her were portrayed and how her thoughts were communicated - so raw and real. I think one of my favorite things about the book is the way death was portrayed. You view death very differently when you [...]

    24. Pregnant with her first child, Eve goes down memory lane remembering her single mother and losing her at a young age. Eve went to live with her grandparents in Whales after this tragedy on farm land. 125 pages in to the book and that's really all I could tell you that the book was about because it was so slow going. Eve's future husband worked on the farm and there could have been a story there about how they fell in love with each other but that never really started. There also may have been a [...]

    25. This is the most gripping book I have read for ages. The main character, the book’s narrator, is not without faults but this makes her wonderfully human. The story moves backwards and forwards over a period of fifty years in total, dealing with a very limited range of characters but I quickly became hooked and found myself caring deeply about Eve and those she loved. The observations through a child’s eyes are well drawn and there are echoes of To Kill A Mockingbird - Eve and Scout share man [...]

    26. Brilliant first novel, with multifaceted characters and a plausible representation of a late 20th century Britain now gone, alongside its fears and prejudices. More disconcerting for me due to my Irish roots. Could have done without the entirely random bodyshaming bit - apparently busty women can't run for the bus - guess I've been doing it wrongly all these years then :P

    27. Beautiful descriptions of rural Wales. She writes two or three sentences and she has you standing there, right next to her characters. I can't quite figure out why this was such a page turner for me, but the lyrical detail of the writing is stunning. I can't wait to read more of Susan Fletcher's work.

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