For Love or Magic

For Love or Magic Eliot Parker s good for nothing deceased husband has left her a new lease on life a house in sleepy Nodaway Falls New York But his offer comes with a cost his ghostAs if being married to him wasn t h

  • Title: For Love or Magic
  • Author: Lucy March
  • ISBN: 9780312389390
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eliot Parker s good for nothing deceased husband has left her a new lease on life a house in sleepy Nodaway Falls, New York But his offer comes with a cost his ghostAs if being married to him wasn t hard enough Nodaway Falls turns out to be a town with than a little magic in the air Eliot swore off using her own powers sixteen years ago, thanks to one catastroEliot Parker s good for nothing deceased husband has left her a new lease on life a house in sleepy Nodaway Falls, New York But his offer comes with a cost his ghostAs if being married to him wasn t hard enough Nodaway Falls turns out to be a town with than a little magic in the air Eliot swore off using her own powers sixteen years ago, thanks to one catastrophic day when she lost the only people who ever mattered to her, and ran away from her spellbinding father and his reckless enchantments Now, when a chance encounter with quiet, handsome Desmond Lamb results in a magical explosion that rocks Eliot to the core, she can t help but wonder Has her heart fallen under some sort of spell Or is this what true love really feels like The real question, of course, is whether her husband will stop haunting her and let Desmond give her a chance at happily ever after

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    1. Lucy March

      Lucy March is the split personality of NYT and USA Today bestselling author Lani Diane Rich In 2010, she started writing her popular blog, A Year and Change, which documented the last fifteen months before her fortieth birthday On her blog, Lucy worked through personal issues involving her divorce, her sense of self worth, and her mother she developed a following that eventually became the Betties, and occasionally opined on things like dieting, the writing process and vajazzling.Now, she is happily remarried and lives with her husband, her two young daughters and her best friend on a river in southern Ohio, and life is pretty damn good.Representation Stephanie Kip RostanLevine Greenberg Literary Agency

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    1. Lucy March is a hopeless romantic, but that’s alright – I’m one as well. The third book in her Nodaway Falls series gave me exactly what I’d hoped to get – a small community filled with lovable characters, a delicious romance, a nuanced, interesting villain and a very interesting plot. By now, the residents of Nodaway Falls are all very familiar and dear to my heart. I’ve been with them through hell and back, faced danger and walked bravely into the unknown, fell in love and found jo [...]

    2. That's no way to conduct a warThere is an island sitting between Greenland and Canada called Hans Island. Both Canada and Denmark (on behalf of Greenland) have claimed the Island as their territory for 50 years. Every now and then the dispute will flare upeither a Danish or a Canadian Naval vessel will go to the Island, pull down the other nation's flag, raise their own and leave a bottle of either Canadian Whiskey or Danish Akvavit. And that's kind of like this book. You end up liking everyone, [...]

    3. This book was funny! I literally had laugh out loud moments while reading this book. I really get the author's humor and enjoyed it a lot. This was actually the first book in the series I have read and while it holds it's own as a stand alone there are still lots of references to things from the first two books. Since I liked this one so much I am going to get and read the first two books as well. :) I loved the characters there was so much personality to each one of them and Eliot was especiall [...]

    4. 4.5 stars!Fantabulous! My favorite in the three book series so far.I am smitten with the Nodaway Falls magical gang ☺️

    5. I don't read much romance anymore because I got tired of HEA's and false conflicts based on characters not talking to one another. I follow this author on social media though for her writing advice, and decided to give her a try since this book includes some fantasy elements.I. Loved. This. Book. The characters drew me in, the relationships between various people within the town felt authentic, warm, and at times funny, if not occasionally bittersweet.Haven't read the earlier books in this serie [...]

    6. I’ve enjoyed Lani Diane Rich’s novels, and when I discovered she was writing paranormal romances under the pen name Lucy March, I had to check them out. I don’t think the books in this series are as good as some of her women’s fiction titles, but they are worth checking out if you enjoy fantasy with a touch of romance.In this book, Eliot Parker comes to the town of Nodaway Falls (site of the magical goings-on in March’s first two novels in this series) when her no-good con man husband [...]

    7. I've not read Ms. March before and I enjoyed this book quite a bit. It hit several of my catnip choices: paranormal, magic, big, goofy dog, brooding hero, heroine with issues but a heart of gold and a snarky sense of humor. I've not read the previous two books in this series and had not trouble picking up the storylines. You can't help but cheer Eliot Parker (named for George Elliot and Dorothy Parker) and the very English Desmond Lamb to a happy ever after. There are trials and tribulations and [...]

    8. An awesome paranormal read filled with humor, a magical town, some very interesting characters, and a wonderful romance. Nodaway Falls is not your typical town and Eliot Parker realizes that as soon as she arrives at the old rundown house her deceased husband (the cheat!) left her. With her ruthless father hot on her trail, Eliot can use all the help she can get and luckily for her the residents of her new town are up to the task. This book is very well done. The characters are amazing, the writ [...]

    9. This book is probably my favorite of all the Nodaway Falls series by Lucy March, although it is hard to say, because I liked them all. As always, her writing has humor and emotion and of course, magic. It was wonderful to revisit the characters from previous books, and protagonist Eliot Parker was a wonderful new addition to town. I hope there are a lot more of these books to come. (And not just because I read this one so fast, because I couldn't put it down.)

    10. Light hearted and fun while still having high emotional stakes, great characters and an interesting plot!

    11. This was about a woman who had some magic but it was locked away when she was a child, for the same reason for that she changed her name and avoids people with magic. Then her scoundrel husband dies and she inherits a house in a town where it looks like her past is coming to get her.This was a book that falls squarely into 'fun read' category. Read in on setting, enjoyed myself, and you can't really expect more than that. The dialog is snappy and cute and most of the characters are quirky and in [...]

    12. Very cute and sweet. I love a redemption story. Made me sniffle. I read it in one sitting.Problems for *me*: The heroine (like in the book before this) was far too forgiving of, well, everything. I read this immediately after book 2, and the sympathy I had for the heroine in book 2 disappeared in this book. I didn't like that it took everything about her away and then some.Thing that made me LOL:"What is it you do? Do you have any marketable skills?""I have a graduate degree in philosophy and sp [...]

    13. So this is the first romance novel I've read, and I liked it more than I thought I would. (Little embarrassed about that.) My library has a summer reading program going on where you're supposed to read books in a bunch of different categories - and one category was "a book outside of your comfort zone". It's hard to get further from my comfort zone than a heterosexual romance novel. The writing was cringe-inducing at times, as expected, but the plot was surprisingly compelling. I liked the deaf [...]

    14. This tale, which takes place about a year or so after the previous one in the series, doesn’t hold the same magic as the previous two. In the last book, we find out that Desmond Lamb wasn’t quite the good guy that Stacy had thought him to be. Though, now that he is back to his real self, and not the man he was when deadening his emotions, Desmond is a good person. The only one who seems to truly believe it is newcomer Eliot Parker. Eliot has some secrets of her own – as well as a dead husb [...]

    15. For Love or Magic by Lucy March in one laugh out loud and romantic read. Readers won't be able to stop reading until they have read the last page. Suspene, intrigue, hot mysterious man and a father who messes with magic. A young woman had a lot to deal with while growing up. Her mother died and she lost many others that were important to her as well. Changing her name and keeping her magic away, Eliot has a tougher life than when she was younger. Just when readers think there's enough action and [...]

    16. Listened for Fun (Audible)Overall Rating: 4.00Story Rating: 3.75Character Rating: 4.25Audio Rating: 4.50 (not part of the overall rating)First Thought when Finished: For Love or Magic is possibly my favorite in the series!Quick Thoughts: I have really enjoyed my time in Nodaway Falls (I am not sure it is the end but this read a bit like it is). This series is a great mix of mystery and romance! I was so happy with how everyone from the previous books were parts of the story. Specifically Stacy w [...]

    17. **Very slightly spoilery but not enough to hide it.**I was lucky enough to win a copy of the audiobook (it'll be released in April 2016) and halfway through, I'm loving it so far. This is the third in a series, and I haven't read the second 'Nodaway Falls' book yet but I will be reading it soon, I'm sure. (Probably best to read the others first, since the premise of this one seems to spoil the 2nd book, I think? Not sure yet, but knowing what I know now, I wish I'd read them in order.) I'm very [...]

    18. Love or Magic is the third novel in the Nodaway Falls series by Lucy March aka Lani Diane Rich. She is the author of some of my all-time favorite books. The small town had a magic thing going on and most of the inhabitants are gifted. I felt like I’d visited there because I knew and loved everyone from the first two booksAfter Eliot Parker’s husband died (while he was cheating on her) she found that he left her a house in Nodaway Falls. She tries to start a new life there, but we learn she i [...]

    19. I really loved this book--and I really loved the big, slobbering dog, which made me love the book even more. Seamus is a keeper. This is my first book by this author, and now I anxiously await reading another of her books. The overall tone and personality of this novel worked well for me and there were many points where I laughed out loud or had to read a passage to someone else because I couldn't stand keeping to myself. If you are into magical books and enjoy a good small town story while you [...]

    20. This is a fascinating book about witches. The main character, Eliot, is the daughter of a powerful, soulless warlock who, while doing what he thought was good work, managed to kill quite a few people when she was a teenager, including her best friend and her mother, using her powers. She has been on the run since then until her husband dies and leaves her with a house in a town she soon finds is magical. She meets a fascinating man names Desmond, who is the town pariah and, yet again finds herse [...]

    21. Very fast reading because I skip many pages, it was not so funny and the plot had too many inconsistencies, so I have to say that if they hadn't send me the book for review, I would not even ever read it. Pity because there were good premises, but I have to admit I haven't read the first two in this series.Lettura molto veloce anche eprché ho saltato parecchie pagine, la ragione sta nel fatto che non riusciva ad essere né divertente né avvincente e non l'avrei neanche letto se non me lo avess [...]

    22. Elliot arrives at Nodaway Falls with her deaf dog and the ghost of her husband to move into the cottage he bought before he died. Nodaway Falls is a small town steeped in magic and Elliot has not used her magic for a long time since her father was using hers to do evil. I didn't realize this was the 3rd book in a series until I reached the end and it mentioned the first two books. Well written and quick moving, this story held my interest from page one. Will be looking for the two previous books [...]

    23. I picked up this book as I'm a fan of the author as a podcaster (StoryWonk). The elements of urban fantasy, romance, and mystery are nicely linked to create an interesting and compelling story that was a fun quick read. I hadn't read the first 2 books in the series before reading this one, but since then, I have read book 1 (just the other night) so I can say that the writing is much tighter and clearer in this one. I think March really hit her stride with this novel. I must go back for book 2 s [...]

    24. If Lucy March writes it, I am reading it!Eliot's cheating ex-husband left her a falling apart home in Nodaway Falls and a ghosr. His.Her story deepens the magic already present in the town. Somehow she had to come to terms with a ghost, her increasing attraction to the mysterious Desmond Lamb Oh and the magical powers she's refused to use since she was sixteen. I love Nodaway Falls and all three heroines I've read. This story tops its predecessors. Can't wait for the next one.

    25. This book is excellent and the audio narration was very good. It has fun times, sexy times, magic and not so much drama that you can't stand it. I like my light reading to be light-hearted but not stupid or insipid, so this fit the bill. I couldn't help but imagine Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) as the lead male, and that made it all the more delightful. I'm a tough grader, but for the genre this was my best rating, so if you like paranormal romance this is five stars.

    26. I love Lucy March! The Nodaway Falls books have all been amazing and this one certainly didn't disappoint. Even though this small fictional town has gone through a lot of bad stuff in the past couple of years, I hope their luck doesn't change any time soon, so I get to read another incredible book about these characters.

    27. 2.5 stars. This book had all the right ingredients, but the author just didn't have the magic to weave them altogether. It had a great opening hook, which caught me but the rest of the book did not live up to it. My favorite relationship was the one the main character had with her dog. And I thought she was way too forgiving of her dad.

    28. This little gem was sent to me via Giveaways. I thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in it's pages for a few days. I loved the heroine because she's sassy and funny. The plot line is quirky and a refreshingly different. It's a quick read. People who enjoy snarky humor with a sweet slice of romance will enjoy this book.

    29. Light and enjoyable but it is the 3rd in the series. It would have made way more sense and possibly been a higher rating if I had the backstory. I thought this was the first and by the time I was a quarter of the way in on a weekend, I just went with it. However, it wasn't intriguing enough to go back and read the first 2

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