Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy When three popular girls go on trial in Government class for their ruthless bullying of a girl named Ivy it seems like the misfit will finally get her revenge Eight first person narrators give differ

  • Title: Poison Ivy
  • Author: Amy Goldman Koss
  • ISBN: 9780312384531
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • When three popular girls go on trial in Government class for their ruthless bullying of a girl named Ivy, it seems like the misfit will finally get her revenge Eight first person narrators give different versions of the event Ivy this victim doesn t want revenge, she just wants to be left alone Ann she s the beautiful, but infamously cruel, leader of the bullies Marco When three popular girls go on trial in Government class for their ruthless bullying of a girl named Ivy, it seems like the misfit will finally get her revenge Eight first person narrators give different versions of the event Ivy this victim doesn t want revenge, she just wants to be left alone Ann she s the beautiful, but infamously cruel, leader of the bullies Marco he may be the only person involved who has any morals, but he s also the target of Ann s persuasive affections Daria Ivy s painfully shy lawyer doesn t stand a chance Bryce the goofy court reporter knows all the real dirt, even if he doesn t care Cameron he sleeps through the proceedings but might wake up just in time to make a difference Wayne a true devotee of the legal process, too bad he s on the sidelines and Faith as the only witness for the prosecution, it all comes down to her But where do her loyalties lie

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    1. i really did not like this book at all was just dumb,i mean who really cares about you being bulliedot of people i know are and they go talk to someone but they dont get it solved.

    2. One-dimensional cookie cutter characters, the story grabs you for a second and then forcefully lets you go. Short, but nothing sweet about it.

    3. Read it cover to cover in less than two hours. Koss has a gift for making icky characters semi-likeable (like the detached Ivy) through their personalities, and this really shines here. Marco plays probably the key role in the book, as he's the only one that tells it like it is. The 8-point perspective works effectively as we get backstories filled in, and other than Faith, they all add something to the plot and drive it along. Other than the amazingly disappointing ending, a nearly perfect book [...]

    4. Ivy (or "Poison Ivy" as she is called by her classmates) has been bullied at school for as long as anyone can remember. This year, her teacher, Ms. Gold, decides to stage a mock trial to showcase the legal system. The crime? Bullying. The defendant? A very unwilling Ivy. The palintiff? The lead bullies. The story is told through multiple characters' perspectives, and the result is a book just begging to be discussed. The ineffectual concern of adults and the power of social leverage are particul [...]

    5. I would really like to say I liked this book. It was well written, creative, a good idea overall. Unfortunately, I must agree with my school librarian in saying that the end ruined it for me. The entire book was entertaining and interesting. Until the end. I cannot accept that someone like Ivy would just accept the outcome. The kids in that class are ridiculous! They need to learn to care. They all knew Ann was guilty! Everyone knew it. They even had evidence. And still, they chose to completely [...]

    6. It takes a strong stomach for a bullying-victim to read a book about a bullying-victim seeking justice, but I zipped through this book once I got over my flashbacks. An over-zealous teacher forces Ivy to bring a mock civil suit against her tormentors in order to demonstrate the legal system to the middle-school's third period American Government class. Told from the varying perspectives of the students, we gain insight into the personalities of the studnets who range from the geek to the jock to [...]

    7. An interesting look at bullying -- a mock trial is dreamed up by a suprisingly ineffectual/non-sympathetic social studies teacher, and students shuffle along going through the motions in this short book. The ending was very abrupt, and the whole book felt like it was revealing just the tip of an iceberg as far as characters and circumstances were concerned. You really got the feeling of being a partial observer, which was frustrating at times but very effective within the context of the story. A [...]

    8. Not for faint of heart: when bullying girls' voices are heard, they're remorseless; mock trial verdict confirms that not enough students will speak up for bullied girl for fear of reprisal; grim conclusion. But such a powerful book. Espcially good for class discussions. Kids will say they didn't like the book because they don't like that kids are like this (or they recognize themselves) and it's good to reflect further.

    9. What I liked about this is that there is a way the reader wants it to end, and that it should end, but that isn't how it ends. It doesn't go where you think it is going. Which I think would make it very discussable.

    10. Recently I read the book, Poison Ivy written by, Amy Goldman Koss. Poison Ivy is about a teenage girl named Ivy. Ivy has been bullied all of her life, it is so common to see Ivy getting picked on that the other kids don't even notice anymore. So when Ivy's third period American History teacher finds out, she decides to have a trial take place to see whether or not the "Evil Three" are liable. What drew me to pick up Poison Ivy was the name. I thought with a name like Poison Ivy, it had to be a g [...]

    11. "Since fourth grade, Ivy, cruelly nicknamed "Poison Ivy", has been mercilessly bullied. When the middle school American Government teacher discovers a deeply depressing poem written by Ivy, she decides to create a mock trial where Ivy's three most brutal tormentors are confronted with their actions. Other students act has the lawyers and jury, but will any of them be brave enough to tell the truth?" (Annotation created for my booklist "25 Books about Teens and Bullying)

    12. #bullying A somewhat strange book about a mock trial in a classroom for a bunch of bullies told by alternate viewpoints.Warning - there is no happy ending and one is left with the feeling that it's sad that justice is not done and that the teacher didn't intervene - I'm sure the author via the teacher was trying to "show not tell" a lesson here, but I'm not sure how sophisticated students would have to be to "get it"

    13. I breezed right through it. The characters were shallow and it was entertaining but wasn’t the best book written. The plot had some holes and was confusing at times. It depicted the truth of bullying in schools and how sometimes it is all a popularity contest. If you want a quick and easy read this is the book for you. But is was cute and not too bad of a book

    14. If your a sucker for a good ending, do not read this book. The ending is unexpected, but it shows the world in a harsh light and how, if you don't stand up for someone, tyranny will continue being ruled.

    15. It wasn't uninteresting but I wasn't invested in it where I felt like I needed to know what will happen next. I do like that the ending wasn't predictable.

    16. Much like Jen Bryant’s Ringside 1925: Views From The Scopes Trial, this book tells the same story from the viewpoint of eight narrators that each have a distinctive voice. The setting is a middle-school classroom where three bullies are put on trial for picking on Ivy, calling her Poison Ivy. The government teacher decides that having a mock trial will be a good learning experience, so she assigns a prosecutor, a defense attorney, a judge, a court reporter, a process server and jurors. Marcus, [...]

    17. Ivy has always been taunted and cruelly treated by others, especially The Evil Three, better known as the popular girls Ann, Benita, and Sophie. But for how aloof Ivy acts, no one can really tell how much this bullying affects her, if it does at all. Enter in Ms. Gold, teacher of third hour American Government class, desperate for some conflict so she can hold an in-class trial. It seems that justice will finally be served when Ivy’s problem is chosen, because everyone is aware of how Ann and [...]

    18. Honestly, the entire thing was really confusing and ended up going NOWHERE. The synopsis I read on the Barnes & Noble Teen Book Blog made it sound so much more interesting than it is. I was expecting at least some sort of justice or real effort from the prosecutor. Daria's issues were never really explained and it all just left me disappointed and confused. Ivy's attitude towards the entire thing was very rude, I mean I know you didn't exactly want your dirty laundry aired in front of your h [...]

    19. When a girl who has been bullied for years decides to bring the three tormenters to their government class for a trial, the case exposes the frailties of justice when the class is made to participate.The good: with short chapters and easy to understand language, this is a good book for reluctant readers who find the premise intriguing. It's a fast read, more middle grade fare with YA subject matter. The set up premise makes sense as well. Victimized Ivy never really makes herself sympathetic and [...]

    20. While pretty vague about the bullying incidents, the book also had more realistic, explicit language than I expected it to have. The only word you can't say on the radio was 'tit', and that was in reference to a dog, but for a non-swearing book it did fairly well on the way-teens-actually-talk front. In fact the characterizations of teenagers were well done overall. Despite falling into recognizable types, Koss gave them life with their differentiated voices, enough family background (for some c [...]

    21. We've all had one of those class project assignments where you learn through the process rather than just reading a textbook and taking a test. Ms. Gold has decided that rather than have her American Government class merely read about the workings of the judicial system, they will actually participate in a mock civil trial. After poking and prodding to find an complaint, Ms. Gold discovers that Ivy has been the "victim" of bullying for years at the hands of three popular girls. These "mean girls [...]

    22. Since she was 9 and moved to this town, Ivy has been bullied by her classmates. Ann, Sophie, and Benita have been calling her "Poison Ivy" for so long, she doesn't even think of herself as just plain Ivy anymore. Now things have come to a head, and their Government teacher kicks off a mock civil trial, bringing the Evil Three up on charges. Students are chosen as lawyers, judges, jury, and other positions, the trial commences. If the Evil Three are found liable for the harassment, they'll need t [...]

    23. Reviewed by Marta Morrison for TeensReadTooIvy has been teased and bullied every day since the fourth grade by three very popular girls at school.Ms. Gold wants to have a mock trial in her government class. She decides that Ivy should sue the evil three.All Ivy wants is an apology and to be left alone.Told through eight different voices, this book is about the trial. Not only is Ivy a victim, but we also are told the story of Daria, the painfully shy student who ends up representing Ivy in the t [...]

    24. This book wasn't that interesting and amazing as everyone else was telling me. In my opinion I didn't really like this book all that much. A girl named Ivy is a regular girl going to school and learning. Things are terrible for her at that school barley anyone likes her. These three girls keep bullying and bothering Ivy. She decides to write a letter to get her feelings out of them but the teacher see's it and is terrified and shocked. Ms.Gold (the teacher) decides to have a trial since they are [...]

    25. Would you have a debate about someone who's bullying you? Probably not, but Ivy will Ms.Gold her government teacher, taking the problem into her own hands she sets up the debate.You will hear this story in eight different perspectives,will the bullies learn from their mistakes or continuing there ruthless ways. The eight different views on the story is a great way for you to see things from someone else's view. Ivy just wants this bullying to stop it has been happening ever since fourth grade. S [...]

    26. This book is about a girl in middle school named Ivy, who no one really likes. Three girls (The Evil Three) tease Ivy so badly it drives her to tears and she hates school. They called her Poison Ivy, and the name stuck so now everyone calls her Poison Ivy.The Evil Three are in government class together with Poison Ivy, and as soon as the teacher, Mrs Gold, figures out that they are teasing Ivy, she makes the whole class go through a fake, in class, court room session, with Ivy as the prosecutor [...]

    27. The abuse is the very talked about bullying that goes on in schools across the country. Poison Ivy (real name Ivy) who has been bullied in school rants in a letter her teacher discovers. So, to make American Government more interesting, she decides to put on trial the three girls who bully Ivy. Told from alternating points of views of different kids in the school, it's a very watered-down story of the judicial system (as teenagers see it), complete with mean girls, dumb jocks, Einstein's, and th [...]

    28. This book is categorized as YA, but the entire time I was reading it I kept thinking it read like an MG novel trying too hard to be YA. If you took out all the curse words and hormone-induced references you'd have a decent start for an MG novel. I suppose it's a good transitional book.To be honest, I really didn't get it. The premise for this novel sounded really intriguing and I was really looking forward to reading it, but I felt super let-down. Mrs. Gold came across as a terrible teacher. The [...]

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