About Me

Hello world!

My name is George and I’m a final year Philosophy student at the University of Warwick. Welcome to my blog – a place where I hope you will be able to find recipes you love!

My mission is to get more students cooking. I understand that it is tough being a student. When I first came to university 2 years ago, I was 4 stone heavier, had never managed my own finances and wasn’t very good at finding the time to cook. Since then, I’ve learnt a lot, and this is the place where I hope to pass what I have learnt onto the next student!

Here’s my promise to you: cooking CAN be affordable, easy, nutritious and hassle-free. I don’t cook because I have to. I cook because I enjoy the process of cooking just as much as I enjoy eating the food itself. If you find the right recipes and get in some practice, you’ll be knocking up outstanding dishes in no time. Use the opportunity to unwind mentally, have some fun and keep your mind and body healthy. Most importantly, if you eat well, I guarantee you that you’ll avoid next year’s freshers’ flu…

Please get in touch if you’ve got any questions, recipe requests or feedback by dropping me an email at G.Tuvey@warwick.ac.uk. Follow me on Instagram (@putthepotnoodledown) and if you rate my blog, let your friends know!

Much love,

George x